Production Management

Showworks has been working behind the scene for many events from Corporate gala’s to multi-day festivals to make sure that you, the client’s are covered and any issues are dealt with before they become issues. This is the main reason for production management on any event and when events run smooth our clients have been able to secure larger bands, artists and guest speakers the following year.

Our Production management team has travelled across the country many times over working on the details that are most commonly overlooked by clients and we have team members dedicated to such things as Flights, Hotels, food, Power, CAD rigging plots, Room Layouts, Insurance liability and contracts just to name a few, while ensuring that all local and provincial laws and regulations are being follwed and your intrests as a client are protected by ensuring that all hydro is approved and inspected, Drapery has the correct fire retardant paperwork and that your rigging points are all within their safe working load limits.

Contact us to schedule a meeting and see what our production management team can assist you with on your next event, You can see the differance a vetren production manager can have on your event. Our Production managers are on site with you 24-7 while your event is running with no additional charges for late night assistance or last minute changes…. You will never get the “call this number for assistance after 5pm” message some of the other companies will try and pass off  as “service”