Corporate Events

Showworks has been a leader and assisted numerous companies in getting through some of the most challenging corporate events anyone can go through. Our Technicians have been behind consoles, setting up Wireless mics and ensuring your presenter’s Lav mic is in the correct spot for years, This was one of the first aspects of production we were actively involved with when we started.

Showworks has corporate friendly crews that are clean-cut, dressed appropretly and most importantly on time to ensure your main presenter has  all the appropriate time to see their presentation on the screens and do a dry run before the doors are opened and the seats fill up.

Our behind the scene’s crew members pay great attention to details and this attention to detail is what keep us at the top of the food chain when corporate events are discussed at venue’s across Canada. Our clients have commented on our neat and ordely cable runs and we always ensure they have backstage access and wont be tripping over 2″ of cables taped to a floor in the dark.

Our  Staging and Drapery team spends numerous hours prefecting the drape and ensuring that any area that should be “blacked out” are not visable and that the Podium is located on stage in the exact position it needs to be at. We also ensure that all the screens are dressed properly and we go out of our way to ensure our clients are 100% happy before the doors are opened and guests come in.

we understand that our clients only get one chance to make a great impression on their guests and anything less than perfection is not accepted.