Service & Repairs

Showworks has team members dedicated to the maintenance and repair of any equipment that is damaged or not functioning properly.

We preform weekly maintenance and “spot checks” on key equipment and cables to ensure that its always clean, working and has all the accessories and parts required for operation in a complete working package.

We strive on our reputation and that means that our clients get the product they need working directly out of the case. Our clients cant afford to have 30 union crew members standing by waiting for a replacement speaker to arrive. so our shop team will test and re-test all our equipment including cables, snakes, mics, amps and speakers before it gets onto a truck for delivery or placed in a staging area for pickup.

We service all major brands and manufactures, so if you have an old amplifier that has seen better days or found an old fog machine and want to ensure it will not catch fire on start up give us a call and we will be glad to have a look at anything you need a hand with!

Our shop turnaround time is 3-5 days depending on the severity of the problems and our “bench rate” is currently set @ $52.00/hr plus any parts…..

Our shop team also has the ability to “set up” your guitar or stringed instrument and get any or all electronics or other components fixed up and get your instrument in good shape before you hit the stage!

Call or email us and let us get you a quote on your service needs