Sales & Rentals

Showworks has an extensive list of product manufactures and distributors we work alongside throughout Canada with on a daily basis. This working relationship allows us access to products not all other providers can obtin and at prices that are comparable if not better than what you might be used to getting elsewhere 

We distribute EAW, EAW Commericial, QSC speakers, QSC amplifiers,RCF speakers and amplifiers, Shure wired and wireless technology,Panasonic, Digiflex Cables, BRTB Canada, Pioneer, Midas, Microh, AMDJ, Chauvet, Martin, Elation just to name a few of our business partners.

When you are looking to purchase that Microphone or Flat Screen TV remember that Showworks has a network in place to ensure you get the product you want and at prices that you can’t find at your local big box distributor.

Our Rental department is always well stocked with the most common rental items that are required by our clients. We carry 3 different brands of Speakers that can easily be mounted on a lightweight pole, Over 40 Channels of wireless SHURE technology with all the accessories from Lavalier kits to instrument packages ranging from PG series for a basic system setup to the top end UHF-R units that you can find on stage with any major artist.

Our rental dept also carries Pipe&Drape, Plexiglass Podiums, LED Par cans with clamps or floor bases, Stage decks, Self powered Speaker systems, Drum risers, Moving head lights, Amplifiers, Sky Dancer tube men, small format soundboards, DJ Mixers and CD player systems, 8-48 channel Digital soundboards, Video Projectors, Large format Mixing consoles by Midas(XL3, XL4, PM4000-56), analog rack gear (compressors, gates, EQ’s, delay and reverb units), Laptop computers, recording equipment, Easy tilt console stands, BigBen world clock’s and the list goes on…. Contact us to get an exact list of all the items in our current rental inventory.

With Flexible in-house financing, credit card processing and a newly developed PayPal account system, your payment options for purchases and rentals could not be any easier!