Since its inception in the Spring of 2008, ShowWorks has been turning heads and amazing clients event after event.

Armed with some of the latest technology in audio, lighting and video behind us, we have expanded our core business to include all aspects of production from a single wireless microphone rental for your company’s yearly meeting to multi-day outdoor festial with some of the top recording artists in North America giving it their all for 20,000+ fans.

ShowWorks has a reputation within Canada as a top notch tour supplier for your cross-country tour. With such artists as Burton Cummings, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Crystal Shawanda, Randy Bachman and numerous other top-level acts in recent years, it’s no wonder why top tour managers feel secure knowing that ShowWorks is providing them with their tour production.

Having a wide range of crews helps us to ensure you have the correct person in the correct role to make sure the truck never stops rolling, add into the mix our relationship with nationwide suppliers and distributors feel asured that we have you covered from start to finish.